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Celebrate Summers with Urban Dazzle

On Apr 27, 2013, in Drinking, Drinkware, Salad Bowl, by urbandazzle

Celebrate Summers with Urban Dazzle

The mercury has started to soar and there’s no avoiding it, even after summer vacays to cooler climes, summer would still be here. So why not rather make the best of the heat, the weather is throwing lemons at you so bring on the tequila!!!

Keep your fridge stacked with bottles of icy cold water as the most important drink for this weather is water. With myriad of glass bottle styles available you can practically shun off the hazardous plastic bottles from your homes.

Store mango pulp and aam panna pulp in air tight jars and make wholesome healthy aamras and aam panna in a jiff. After a long day at work nothing works better than an age old recipe. But do remember to bring it on in style in dapper tall glasses.

Sangria the Spanish wine punch often served in summer, is great for entertaining because you can make large batches in advance and alter the recipe according to the type of wine or fruit you have.

Cool down on a warm afternoon with a glass of cold, white sangria filled with your favorite fruits. The best part about this drink is that the longer it sits, the sweeter it gets making it the ideal party drink.  All you need are some stylish pitchers and glasses to match and you are all set.

Children love lemonade and it is way healthier than the syrupy drinks or sodas that are more readily available. Just squeeze in some lemons into sugar syrup, add ice and water. A few mint leaves and lemon wedges can be added for zest. Store in a stylish jug in the fridge and serve up in matching glasses.

Watching an IPL game on TV this summer will be double the fun with chilled beers served in huge tankards.

Serve up a juicy Greek salad or a sumptuous melon salad to keep the summer heat at bay in a luscious salad bowl.

Nothing heralds the arrival of summer better than glasses of fresh watermelon martinis. Serve up in stylish martini glasses for best results.

So beat the heat by keeping yourself well hydrated with chic and elegant drinking vessels from the site that has ‘em all.