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Monsoon Showers with Urban Dazzle

After going through the sweltering summer heat of India, the excitement of the vacations and the need of another vacation to get over the unfulfilled checklists of the summer vacations what could be more gratifying than the smell of wet earth after a heady monsoon shower.

There’s something about the rains that takes us back to our roots, back to the sound of our dads bellowing voice ringing out “garma garam pakore ho jaye!!!”

garma garam pakore ho jaye urban dazzle

 Is it the sudden fall in temperature or it is everybody being indoors due to the rain, the joys of sharing some bites together is never as much fun.  Serve up some chai in dear little shot glasses to up the glam quotient of your chai pakoras.

shot glasses urban dazzle

 For the not chai pakora type here’s another rain time favorite, a classic Americano cocktail with nachos and chilli dip. To make an Americano cocktail, mix equal quantities of red vermouth and campari, top it with some soda to fill up a double old fashioned glass and garnish with a wedge if orange.

double old fashioned glass urban dazzle

 To make a chilli dip blitz a couple of de-skinned bell peppers, 3-4 chillis and a bunch of coriander stems in a blender till they are finely chopped. Drizzle about an ounce of olive oil and salt to taste and blend again. Serve with a pack of Doritos on a stylish chip and dip platter.

chip and dip platter urban dazzle

 The sultry monsoon weather is also about getting together with buddies for an evening of relaxed snacking (masala peanuts, fries, kurkure and anything else available on a short notice) and robust tankards of chilled beer. Chic snack bowls can provide style even to utterly ordinary snacks.

tankards urban dazzle

Bring the lush washed up greens indoors. Brighten up any space with real flowers arranged in a majestic crystal vase. The weather will ensure an extra couple of days for the blooms.

crystal vase urban dazzle

crystal vase urban dazzle

 Make a dessert worth a standing ovation using the fresh fruits of the season. A mango based trifle will be nothing short of the highlight of the season.

trifle urban dazzle