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Cakes and Pastries Never Looked This Tempting

On Aug 30, 2012, in Dessertware, by urbandazzle


Pastries and cakes rank very high amongst the favorite part of Indian dining experience. We are always amazed by these delicate little things that someone took their time making, shaping, molding, and filling. Few things look so stunning and elegant than a nicely arranged table with a variety of pretty pastries, or cakes

It is a truth that we all acknowledged that no matter how much you have eaten, there’s always room for some desserts and in some cases for some desserts. However, often people are not sure how to serve pastries and cakes in dinner parties.

Well, Pastries and Cakes goods look best under clear, tight-fitting lids. This way, consumers can see how good your food looks, and know they’ll be getting the freshness they expect.

Pastry Domes:

When it comes to serving pasty or cheese cakes, nothing is of comparison to the traditional glass pastry domes for creating the ultimate dessert serving experience. We always have a fascination for these lofty structures as they add more drama than the typical cake pedestals.

Pastry domes always bring a touch of nostalgia to any dinner party as most of the people associate them with formal dining settings. However, the rustic charm of many domes makes them suitable for casual dinner events. Think about it like the little black dress in your wardrobe, you can always dress it up or down.

Slick glassware models are the most popular as they look very European and refreshingly classy. We guess that any dessert served in one of these would appeal more tempting.  BORGONOVO Palladio 31 Cake Plate with Dome can be put to good use by showing off a variety of edible wonders ranging from an assortment of cheese to a variety of cupcakes or pastries.

Cake Plates:

Another favorite choice among food concessionaire is cake plates that can make even the simplest boxed cake look like a culinary masterpiece. One can choose from EGO ALTER Fenice footed plate or Banquet footed plate which would give you the perfect set up for those cakes and pastries you have prepared so hard. It has an Italian finish and attractive looks makes this footed plate a superlative pick for those special occasions. You can also pick BORGONOVO Alzata Piatto 22 for anyone who likes to bake and serve in style, be it at a simple gathering at home, or at an outdoor catering assignment.

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