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Black Ceramic Platter and Dip Bowls

Exuding an exemplary finish, the Black Ceramic Platter at UrbanDazzle will make you fall in love with its effervescent yet appealing vibe. Sporting an elegant and impactful design, the platter is sure to leave your guests in sheer awe when you serve your delicacies.

The black ceramic platter and same colored dip bowls offer an opportunity to plate up like master chefs do. This flat platter can turn mundane dining experience into magnificent one. An enthralling dinnerware offering, the platter is blessed with an ability to blow charm in any celebration and soirée.

Tagged with the brand Devnow, the black beauty is an epitome of robustness. The 24.6 centimeters black square plate is easy to clean and is dishwasher friendly too. The pristine façade of the platter coupled with a bewitching pattern on it could spellbind its spectators easily.

The dip bowls serve the purpose of dipping in a much efficient manner. With their amazing depths, they are capable of holding dips of any consistency without offering any stress of spilling.

Make your hosting experience a breeze as you accentuate your dinnerware collection with charismatic black ceramic platter together with picturesque dip bowls. Serve your best in black beauties and impress your guests with flavors and sight.