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Beer Games

On Jul 31, 2014, in Beer Pilsner, Drinking, Drinkware, Tumbler, by urbandazzle

Beer Games

Drinking is always about fun and camaraderie. Beer has to be in the center of it all. Beer, whether a can, a bottle, a keg, a pitcher, or a tower, always has to be in the center of a good celebration.

International Beer Day is being celebrated on the 3rd of August, and it is only fitting, that beer is celebrated, in the way it likes. Drink more beer.
There are dime a dozen drinking games, yet some of them are simple and decent enough to play, with your bunch of close friends.

The top of the list is beer pong. A long rectangular table is needed, around 8-10 feet in length, and around 4 feet wide. At either end of this table, glasses are to be arranged, in a triangular shape, much like the arrangement of balls in a game of pool.

Beer Pong

The apex of the triangles is to face each other. Each glass is filled, with beer. Now, a contestant from the opposite side has to throw a ping pong ball, with one bounce, in the glass of the opponent. If it goes in, they said opponent drinks the contents of the glass. Whoever succeeds in finishing the glasses of the other, wins the game. Beer pong, highly popular in colleges around the US, has started becoming popular here in India as well. The table can be constructed, or any table that fits the dimensions needed can be used.

Another very popular game, which also serves as a valuable reminder, to phone addicts, is to order rounds of beer. This can be played in the comfort of your home as well. All you need to do is stack everyone’s phones, one on top of the other, in the center of the table. As you keep ordering rounds, keep a tab as to how many rounds are up. Also, notice the uncontrollable urge, of those with a phone, to keep checking their phone. The person, who caves in, and reaches for his phone, sponsors the amount of beer that has been consumed for that period of time,

Another very popular game, one you should play at home, is the “Drink when it happens”. Basically, you watch a TV show, one which you’ll all enjoy. Then, you pick a word or a phrase, that is being said the most often. Every time that gets repeated, you chug your class of beer.

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These games, are fun, and can be enjoyed by people of various ages, all you need, is a love for beer.

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Now, you can play beer pong, using those fancy tall beer glasses, so there’ll be more beer to drink, every time someone scores a point.

Long highball tumbler, are designed to hold a specific quantity of beer, and this is usually 330 ml, the size of a small bottle. This ensures that the entire contents of the bottle, is in the glass, preventing, thereby, the prevalence of any residual beer, that might get flat and spoilt, if left in the glass for too long.

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