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Hosting a beer bash? No problem. Beer, is universally loved, and enjoyed by all, some even consider it the sweet nectar that defines a sort of easygoing lifestyle. You will find people, in this world, who abstain from hard alcohol, but who absolutely love beer. Beer has the capability, of turning everything in a good way.

Beer has been around for years now. Centuries ago, barley and hops were brewed together, to create this magical drink. A chilled beer is just the companion one needs in the summers. Just imagine, the cold outside of the bottle, with the droplets of water running down it. The satisfactory pop, when you open the stopper, and the frothing delight, that makes its way to the bottom of your Borgonovo beer glass.

BORGONOVO Icon Beer Mug 1170ml


Beer has the power to put man, on the moon, figuratively. This is not to be confused with getting very drunk, and misbehaving. This is a feeling when you have that first sip of beer on a very hot day, the way it trickles down your throat, leaving a feeling of ecstasy in its wake. Beer, has been enjoyed, and will continued to be enjoyed, right from reckless 21 year olds, who have their first sip, to the distinguished CEO’s of MNC’s, who unwind with their Sunday beer.

Remember when you had your first beer when you were legal? How the feeling of it going down your throat, and the subsequent chilling effect it had on your body? The feel good factor that came along with it that heightened the experience so much.

Today, when you have a beer bash, it could either be for an occasion, or just to celebrate life. You can be just guys, watching a football match, in which case, the beer will be probably brought out in cans. If you are enjoying with female company, then you tend to be a little classier, making sure you pour out drinks in glasses, so the ladies can enjoy the evening.

Beer glasses should preferably be perfectly calibrated, so they hold just the right amount. Too much, can make the beer go flat and warm, because it will take time to drink. Too small a beer glass will be half filled with foam, so there’ll hardly be any beer in it.

OCEAN Beer Pilsner 340ml

Beer foods can be anything that you like, that goes with beer. Chicken wings, steaks, ribs, popcorn, kebabs, anything succlucent, shall accompany the beer. Steak and beer is a classic combination. Do not forget, to pull out that serving dish from Luminarc, so you can put the cut pieces of meat, into it. The container holds the steak allowing it to retain its flavor, taste and softness. Beer glasses are dime and dozen on UrbanDazzle, right from the unique beer boot, to the classy set of long tumblers.
Short handle mugs are a favorite as well, especially among the classic beer drinkers. These mugs, with their symmetrical patterns, cut a pretty picture, when it comes to holding your beer for you. Long highball beer glasses, have come into vogue recently, and are the rage nowadays. A set of 6 costs little, and looks amazing.

UrbanDazzle has a wide array of barware and accessories for the beer lover and the beer connoisseur.