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Avoid Kitchen Disasters With These Simple Tips!

On Jul 03, 2015, in Home Decor, by urbandazzle


According to ancient myths, kitchen disasters are God’s way of humbling a cook. Whether you are a famous chef in a five star restaurant or an unexperienced culinary experimenter, it is not possible that you have never been a part of a kitchen disaster. Kitchen disasters may occur in many forms. Here are some basic and simple ideas to prevent them-

How to fix the most common cooking disasters:

  • Too much salt in the potatoes: If you have added too much salt to the potatoes, go for this simple solution. Peel a couple of potatoes, add them to your dish and let them cook for a while; the potatoes will absorb a lot of the salt, saving your dish. After about ten minutes, remove the potatoes if the dish tastes okay. If not, continue to simmer for some more time. Some chefs prefer to add a little vinegar or sugar to a dish in order to balance out the flavors, but since this will often change the taste of the dish, we like the potato method better.

  • Too much chilli: If your food is over-spiced with either chili powder or green chilies you can counter it by adding lemon juice and heating it for 2-3 minutes. Take care not to add too much lemon juice, unless you want the tangy flavor of lemon. Sour cream, cream cheese and yogurt also work well to cool down extra spicy dishes.

  • Sticky pasta: If you end up preparing sticky pasta very often, then here are some simple rules to follow-

    Add a little salt to your boiling water, do not add oil, since this will make your pasta oily.
    Stir your pasta for the first minute. This will prevent pieces from sticking together as starch is released into the water.
    As soon as your pasta is done, drain it and add the sauce – this soaks up the sauce and also prevents sticking.

  • Overcooked cookies: If you have over cooked but not quite burnt a batch of cookies, do not throw them away. Leave them overnight in an airtight container with a loaf of bread or a slice of apple. Moisture from these will slowly soak into the cookies and give them a new lease on life. Remember to only leave them like this overnight, or they may get soggy.

Hope these tips will be beneficial for your day to day life. We wish you a happy cooking experience.