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An Ode to Beer: The Best Invention of Mankind

With International Beer Day (yes, rejoice, there is one!) coming up on the 3rd of August, there are so many ways, you can pay homage, to the golden delight, with the foamy head, that has been a part of every up and every down, of life.
Beer is just fabulous. Beer, is something, you can enjoy whether it is 11 am on a Sunday, to unwind, or every evening, after work. A pint of beer a day is pretty good for health as well.

Beer is a comfortable drink. Unlike alcohol, beer does not get you very uncontrollably drunk, unless of course, you consume substantial amounts of it.

Beer lovers, differentiate between strong and light beers, draught and pilsners, guiness, etc. There are so many different kinds of beers, but a loyalist, will always stick to his one brand.
Gone are the days when Kingfisher was the only choice when it came to gulping down some cold brew. Now you have a choice of foreign beers to choose from as well. Budweiser, Heineken, Corona, Stella Artois, and some other stalwart brands, are making their presence felt in India.

BORGONOVO Beer Julius Glass 0.3

Now, you can open up a cold one, in style. Earlier considered a standard men’s brew, beer today has found a large number of fans in women as well. Women, in India, now love to get a beer for themselves, because, well, beer is fabulous.

Not to be confined to brands itself, some beer loyalists have started the amazing concepts of micro-breweries. All it takes is a license, and you could be brewing your own beer, within the comforts of your own private brewery. Indeed, this has become so popular, that in the city of Bangalore, there are more than 50 microbreweries, catering to the myriad tastes of beer lovers.

Beer is associated with watching sport. The age old nuance of watching a football game, chilling with beer and friends, has become a golden norm. How much beer would have been consumed while the recent FIFA World Cup was going on? Germany would have been in its elements, what with being the beer capital of the world.


Beer would have been an integral part of the Brazilian heartbreak, as well as the German dream. At the end of it, when we all realized how enjoyable the sport itself was, we would have said a loud “CHEERS”, and had more beer.

Indeed, beer has shared a special relationship with us, and it is indeed fitting, now to give it back what it deserves. Stop drinking out of beer bottles like a college student. Start exploring the beautiful beer glasses that UrbanDazzle, has to offer. The long beer glasses like the ones on offer, from Borgonovo, promise to cradle your beer, keeping it chilled, and retaining its unique flavor. Stop using the door, or your teeth, to take the stopper off. Invest in a beautiful bottle opener that makes sure you don’t lose your molars before you enjoy a cold one. There is nothing better, than to enjoy a good beer, at the end of the tiring day. UrbanDazzle makes sure you enjoy that beer in style, just the way it is supposed to be enjoyed. Stop treating beer like a soft drink, taking it for granted. It deserves to be cradled, in the finest barware and accessories, and UrbanDazzle, has just the right products, to transform a beer, into a good enjoyable experience!