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Always clean these 8 things in your kitchen

On Dec 01, 2015, in Home Decor, by urbandazzle

Always clean these 8 things in your kitchen

Perhaps you wipe your kitchen floor, kitchen top and utensils in your kitchen daily but you mostly overlook certain things that could lead to plenty of germs. Make sure that you clean properly the below mentioned kitchen utilities.

1. Knife Block: Don’t just clean the knives and put them back into the knife block. Clean the knife block properly as it may hold invisible germs and dust particles attached inside it.

2. Utensil Cleaning Sponge: Make a habit of changing the washing sponge monthly or if you don’t want to change it so often then either toss it in dishwasher for cleansing or wash it with clean and fresh water after every use to get rid of the germs.

3. Buttons: Almost every day you hit the power button of microwave, oven, refrigerator, coffee maker etc. Not only these gadgets require a proper clean after use but also their power cords and switch buttons need a proper wipe.

4. Kitchen Sinks: The surface and the drainage pipe gets a proper clean everyday when utensils are being washed but the side walls harbor lot many bacteria and other germs. Hence, the side walls of the kitchen sinks should also be cleaned properly after washing utensils.

5. A can opener: When someone opens a can, some of the content of the can sticks on the opener and if not washed then germs are sure to make it their home. Therefore, it is advised to wash the opener after every use.

6. Kitchen Dustbins: Just don’t empty the content of the kitchen dustbin but also give the dustbin a proper wash after emptying its content.

7. Grater Handle: Give a proper wash to the handle of the grater to avoid germs and bacteria.

8. Ceiling and Ceiling Fan: One looks for blessing from above not dust. Especially when you are preparing a dish or having a meal, you surely don’t want dust particles and germs to fall in your plate. Therefore, atleast once in a month clean your ceiling and the fan hanging above.

Clean the above mentioned kitchen utilities and avoid the risk of falling sick because of invisible germs lurking on these tools and utilities.