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All that is New, is at Urban Dazzle!!

On Jan 02, 2015, in Home Decor, by urbandazzle

New and latest home decor and kitchen accessories

If you are the one who wants latest décor and follow latest trends, Urban Dazzle is the best place for you. Shop, Shop and Shop for the contemporary and designer kitchenware ranging from glass sets to platters and from bottles to lunch boxes. A complete new array of ceramic utensils is available from Devnow Ceramics. Urban Dazzle brings you all of this at a very exciting price.

You will love to make space for the unique colored tumbler set-by Ego Alter- in your kitchen shelf. Use them to serve any sparkling drink in your party. Leave that mess and worry to choose the glasswares for cocktail at home. All new and ultramodern glasses for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages adds to the experience of enjoying the drink itself.

 Aurum Burgunder from Bormioli Rocco

With the innovation in cooking styles, there has been a paradigm shift in the kind of utensils used. People now prefer to serve their food in the best of cutlery for a more refined experience. To a greater extent, the stainless steel utensils are being replaced by ceramic or glass ones. Devnow Ceramics offers an exclusive collection of platters, spoons set, cake stand, bowls, cups, etc. Priced economically, you may choose to pick the ceramic ware for your kitchen.

Apart from this, storage is another exercise for edibles you need the most.  At Urban Dazzle ,Borgonovo brings us transparent jars and bottles to keep things handy.

candy jars from Borgonovo

Continuing the festive moods, now is the beginning of the wedding season. The level and the choice of what you gift defines your style quotient. Visit ‘What’s New’ section at Urbandazzle  to pick a unique and trendy gift. With various options from glasswares to ceramic ware, you can make a decent choice.

Adorn your kitchen with the spick and span collection from brands like Devnow, Bormioli Rocco, Riedel–Nachtmann, Bohemia, Ego-Alter, Libey and others featuring their products at Urban Dazzle.