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A Perfect Marriage: Monsoon & Hot Cup Of Tea!

On Jul 25, 2015, in Home Decor, by urbandazzle

A Perfect Marriage: Monsoon & Hot Cup Of Tea!

As cliched as it must sounds, during the rainy season, all we like to do is get curled up next to a window, watching the rain drops fall, drinking a cup of everyone’s favorite brew. Some good tea.

Some want it green, some want it milky, some want it strong, some want it weak, and everyone has their own individual preferences, for this wonderful beverage.

Tea is good for health of course, in moderation. A natural diuretic, it prevents sleepiness, and promotes mental alertness.

Tea, whether consumed, alone, or in company, makes for a wonderful drink. What better way to celebrate a rainy day, then pour your favorite drink, from your favorite teapot, into your favorite cups?

Thankfully, we have come a long way from the ubiquitous little earthen cups that are served, on the road. No doubt that the tea in them is delicious, but, then, you cannot serve your guests at home, in earthen cups. Monsoons also make it a perfect time, to unwind with a book, if you want to be alone.

Hosting is fun to, with many opting to have a chain and pacer party, while it rains outside. All you have to do is rustle up some lovely tea, get some hot payolas or samaras, and enjoy a board game, which you probably played a lot in your childhood.

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Tea that way, has been around for years, and shall be around for years to come. Which is what brings us to the topic of tea cups?

A teacup, is looked at closely, is a beautiful little object. The victories image, of a steaming cup of tea, is seen everywhere, from coffee joints, to airports. You rush toward the kiosk whenever you see this sign. It is probably your favorite sign in the world, if you are a hard core tea fan.

Well, tea, is wonderful, a better way to celebrate the finesse of it, than by drinking it in some really fine tea-ware.

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UrbanDazzle, has a wide collection of teacups, tea sets, etc, that include everything, right from the cups, to the teapot, the sugar container. These sets are beautiful, and inspire awe among your guests, when you serve them tea in it. Tea, as good as it tastes, will not be the same, if served in different mismatched cups and saucers. UrbanDazzle makes sure, that when you host your monsoon parties, you serve even the tea, in style, like the Queen of England.

Some wonderful containers, are available, that can hold a sizable amount of snacks, so you always have something to munch on, while drinking tea, watching the rain fall.


UrbanDazzle is India’s premier website, for fine dining ware and drink ware, and it is no wonder that they have come up with exquisite collections for every occasion, and every budget.

Even something as simple a tea can be had, with a lot of flair, if you are up to it. Tea is not to be dismissed as something that is menial, or just taken for granted.

If had in the right cup, even a regular tea, will uplift your spirits, so you’ll be ready when the rainbow shines through those clouds! Shop at UrbanDazzle and experience the seasons of India, like never before.