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5 Bar Essentials to make a lasting impression!

On Apr 01, 2012, in Drinkware, by urbandazzle

Bar Essentials

If you have always dreamt of having your own bar that you can be proud of. Then, let us help you find some essentials that not only perform much the much needed tasks, but look super cool while doing it.

Here is the list of the top 10 things that Every Guy’s home bar should have. The stuff that would surely leave her impressed when you fix her a drink. Most of the stuff here is inexpensive enough to fit into everyone’s budget, proving you don’t need.


This beautiful Luigi Bormioli is elegantly shaped and provides perfect aeration for your favorite drink or serves sparkling sodas, colorful cocktails or even juices in this Italian creation for that perfect pour each time.

Ice Bucket
Keep your cool with this a dimpled, cut-glass bottom fashioned after a traditional whisky glass and a classy pair of translucent tongs; you could also use this Italian creation to hold on to the ice for your “rocky” compositions.


Colored Glasses

Add drama and color to your tabletop with these beautifully crafted black colored glasses. The glass looks stunning if they are lighted from above and are placed in a white or very light environment. The glittering clear crystal base serves as a string contrast to the dark outer layer and it attracts the sight of its beholder. It’s an exclusive addition to your barware.

Champagne Flute

A play of random fizzes adds vitality to the exaggerated sham of this slender, ultra-modern flute. Subtly tapered shape feels great in the hand. The purpose of the Champagne flute design is to keep the bubbles in the flute longer; with less surface area exposed to the air, the bubbles can’t escape as fast. The gorgeous look combined with a striking presence makes these glasses a must-have for every home and professional bar.

Bottle and Can Opener:

The bottle and can openers by the Italian brand Ghidini, is an essential tool in every kitchen. A convenient and small tool, it pops the top of bottles with one simple flick, and can be used to pierce the top on cans to make them easier to open as well.

We like keeping it stylish and elegant, especially when it comes to drinking.

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