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The extremely elegant and stylish dinnerware at UrbanDazzle has helped you floor your guests and make an extraordinary impression of your refined tastes and choices. The world class products from international brands such as Bohemia, Christian Zanotti, Decover, Devnow, Borgonovo, Ego Alter, Walther, etc. are perfect for a sophisticated evening dinner or a warm afternoon rendezvous with family, friends or colleagues. However, do you think the right crockery is enough to enchant and charm your guests? We think not. An elegant dinner does not comprise of the right tableware and food alone. It is much more than not, of which table manners and etiquettes are a priority. Don’t agree with us? Read along- Imagine being a part of a lavish dinner (you may either be the host or a guest) wherein there is all kinds of exotic food and the best of chinaware. But you do not know how you should be conducting yourself? Sticky situation, is it not? However, you do not need to get nervous or conscious, because we are about to introduce you to the top table manners that you should follow in order to look just as classy as your exclusive evening.


  1. Don’t move to the table unless invited by the host as he/she might want to assign you to a particular seat. Help the elderly to take their seat.
  2. Don’t pull your chair into the table by dragging it. It creates a horrible shriek.
  3. Keep your elbows away from the table and sit straight.
  4. Unfold the napkin placed in front of you and put it on your lap. When you finish off your meal, place the napkin back on the table (at the left side of your plate) partly folded and not crumpled.
  5. If you need to leave your table temporarily, remember to place your napkin on your chair as a signal to the waiter of your return.
  6. If it’s not a very large gathering, make sure you begin eating your food only after it has been served to everyone. In case it’s a larger group, seek permission from people who haven’t been served yet before you get started.
  7. Close your mouth while chewing the food. No smacking, slurping or burping is allowed. Eat in small bites and do not talk when you still have food inside your mouth.
  8. Use the right cutlery and do it with grace. Don’t confuse your utensils with shovels and weapons and never point your knife at anyone.
  9. Don’t make much noise with your cutlery.
  10. If a food item is kept at a distance, ask someone to pass it to you instead of reaching out to it on your own.