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Devnow Stoneware

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UrbanDazzle brings from the house of Devnow a collection that enthrals all with its earthy appeal and extraordinary finesse. Devnow Stoneware is a line of products sculpted out of high-fired clay that while offering a glossy finish also charms with its superior durability. Devnow is a home-grown brand that translates its understanding of the Indian sentiments into items of daily use and decor that facilitate modern living. With its Stoneware collection such as Stoneware crockery, dinner sets, etc. the brand intends to introduce wonder and allure of these products to the Indian household that not only rank highly on looks, but also functionality. More sophisticated than earthenware and tougher than ceramics, Devnow Stoneware products available online at UrbanDazzle offer a soulful touch to meals and beverages. The Stoneware coffee mugs, crockery, etc. offered online by the brand pass the three tests of authenticity separating them from regular earthenware. The items feel weighty and are dense for their size have a textured feel and also chip resistant. The Stoneware dinner set and tea sets available online give you that earthy feel of natural pottery items, but come gorgeously coloured and decorated, so that you can enjoy their natural goodness without compromising on aesthetics. The Stoneware crockery, coffee mugs and other offerings of Devow on UrbanDazzle are impervious to water, unlike its earthenware counterpart, making it a great choice to hold and serve beverages. Suited for daily household use, these products are also oven, microwave and OTG safe, giving you the added convenience of baking, heating or re-heating and serving without the hassle of dealing with messy spills, splashes or disfigurement of those culinary creations.