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Bringing together a harmonious blend of Asian traditions well infused with the essence of the West’s modernity, Lucaris presents crystalware that celebrates the emerging wining and dining lifestyle of Asia. Matching international standards to the tee and bringing quality stemware closer home for the very first time in Asia, Lucaris is a pioneering brand that seeks to be a part of the new culture emerging this side of the globe, whether it’s related to design, art, cuisine or wine. This Thai brand offers crystalware that is a personification of excellence of design, exceptional wine sensory, outstanding physical sensory and extraordinary strength and durability. The “Crystal of Modern Asia”, Lucaris, came into being as a collaborative venture between Toyo-Sasaki Glass, Ocean Glass as well as an award-winning German designer, Martin Ballendat that have each brought in their respective expertise to present inspiring pieces of stunning glassware to the modern individual. Lucaris leverages the synergies of each of its collaborative geniuses to bring forth new, lead-free crystal glassware that also ranks highly on physical aesthetics and appeal, while offering unmatched brilliance and clarity. The crystalware from Lucaris is not only designed for the fashion conscious individual, but also pleases the connoisseurs with its high functionality, strength and durability. From the home bar to the professional, the selection of Lucaris crystalware featured on Urbandazzle is perfect to be made part of any setting. Befitting of being presented at the most intimate to gala affairs, Lucaris offers a range that never fails to impress.