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Just as an artisan cannot fathom to create a masterpiece without the right set of tools, a cook or host cannot fathom to create culinary works of art without the appropriate accessories. Ghidini Italy, through its extensive range of quality products, aspires to equip the home as well as professional cook with the right set of tools that make cooking the least cumbersome process. Headquartered in Italy, Ghidini produces quality products by having complete control over its production processes that take place across three sites in Gussago, Lumezzane and Huizho City (China). Utilizing the most modern of technologies and combining it with the synergies of expertise gathered over years of operation as well as stringent quality controls and following strategic production cycles, the company offers kitchen accessories that rank high in service, looks as well as durability. With a focus on quality and evolution, the company has incorporated new designs as well as ranges of products to keep in line with consumer demand. Boasting of a product line that caters to the modern consumer, Ghidini offers a range of accessories that prove to be helpful in the home kitchen as well as the professional. At urbandazzle, you will find the choicest of specimens from Ghidini’s line of products that can be delivered to your doorstep with a convenient cash on delivery option. Choose from a range of knives, peelers, graters, slicers, ladles, whisks, corks/stoppers and baking moulds to let the chef in you shine and create edible art that’s appreciated by one and all.