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Combining the joys of design and Art de la table in its own words, Durobor stands as the pioneer of mechanized glass-making since the thirties. With a name inspired from the French words “dur au bord”, meaning hard around the rim, this Belgium glass designer, manufacturer and decorator ensures to use heat treatment on all its products, so that you receive a fine piece of reinforced drinkware that features a tougher rim for safety and durability. As of 2009, all the glasses from Durobor have been strengthened during production, using its signature technique, no matter what their shape, including its stemmed range. One of the primary suppliers to the beverage industry, Durobor’s range of glassware has been appreciated for its silk-screen processing that allows for decoration with up to 8 colours. With over 30 million glasses toughened and decorated each year, Durobor offers a wide range of glassware that suits the taste buds of everyone, from connoisseurs to eccentrics. This Belgian glassware manufacturer was not only the first to produce stemmed glasses mechanically, but also has on offer a unique range of lightly hammered glasses that diffract light in the most exquisite manner, to offer any drink a myriad of colours to dance with. Even the heavy-base tumblers offered by this Belgian manufacturer come with a sense of fun hidden in their base in the form of a trademark bubble that affirms of their commitment to infusing drinkware with surprise. Each of the pieces offered by Durobor has been manufactured to be fit for daily use, making it a brand synonymous with fun, elegance and sturdiness.