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Colored Glasses

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Colored glasses set the mood at the table, enhance the décor, entice discerning guests, create an ambience, breaking the monotony, colored glasses work at various levels. At urbandazzle you will find a wide variety of styles, sizes and intensities of color. From subtle colored bottoms, to eye catching pop colors, from abstract prints to solid base colors, liven up your entertaining with these magnificent chalices. Colored glasses will become the focal point at any gathering and make an ideal gift for anyone that loves to entertain.

More often than not the use of colored glasses is a key factor in setting the mood of a restaurant. Stark red and stark black make bold statements while the hint of color at the base of the tumbler sets a playful mood. Damask and Baroque style prints add a romantic touch, colors like aquamarine and blue help create a Mediterranean feel. Mix colors, set themes, urbandazzle has handpicked this superlative selection just for you.