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Tea Sets

Whether tea time is a quiet family affair for you, or a more sophisticated event inspired by the Europeans complete with high tea and biscuits, our range of tea sets cater to your diverse needs.

Take a pick from a spread that offers practical, yet neat options to more elaborate versions that come in exquisite porcelain to add a dash of finesse to your tea party. Whether you are in need of a tea set that puts a dazzling twist on your next evening get-together, or an elegant set that is sophisticated enough to be presented in the board room, at urbandazzle.com you will surely find one that fits your bill.

Our Devnow Porcelain collection makes sure you have tea sets that work gorgeously for formal dos to relaxing evenings out in the garden. The mosaic patterns in gold and silver against the crisp porcelain make for a stunning effect that simply lifts up the mood to leave you inspired enough to take on the rest of the day. And, of course, like any good porcelain tea set it comes complete with teapot, sugar bowl, milk bowl, besides the cup and saucer set, all matched to the tee.

The Devnow Ceramic collection has been designed keeping in mind everyday use, which is why it features a minimalist appeal making it ideal for office use. The SOGA set is a delicate one that makes those flavourful green teas come alive in its crystal clear, lily-adorned facade, also great to serve regular tea and coffee with an inspiring twist.

In a nation of tea lovers, we are pleased to offer a wide variety of tea-ware that works well for all occasions.