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 Always dreamed of sitting back and relaxing with cocktail in hand? Fancy hosting a cocktail party for all your friends and family? Got a busy contemporary bar to run? All you need now is the perfect cocktail glass for the occasion and we can deliver it straight to your door – we even offer a door delivery service!

Whichever cocktail you're in the mood for we have a cocktail glass to cater for every cocktail recipe. Choose from our wide range of fancy cocktail glasses, including martini glasses, margarita glasses, pina colada glasses, daiquiri glasses, hurricane glasses and highball cocktail glasses. With such a variety of cocktail glasses on offer, you may feel like you need a degree in bartending just to choose the perfect glass for your cocktail, which is why urbandazzle is here to help.

 Whether you're throwing a party for friends or opening your own cocktail bar, choosing the right cocktail glass is not only about the presentation, but the taste also. Wide rim glasses are perfect for sipping strong cocktails and can be accessorized with cocktail decorations and fruit slices, while taller glasses are ideal for layered cocktails and also leave plenty of extra room for ice. 

Martini Glasses should be used for small cocktails such as Cosmopolitan, Manhattan, Sidecar and of course the martinis.

Margarita Glasses can be used for a variety of frozen cocktails, such as a Daiquiri or even as a chilled dessert glass.

Pina Colada Glasses like the Poco Grande or Hurricane are large enough to accommodate plenty of coconut cream and pineapple juice and the rim is wide for the decorations.

Hurricane Glasses are also used for the hurricane cocktail. Named after the New Orleans cocktail by Pat O’Brien, the Hurricane glass features a short stem and tall, curved bowl to resemble a hurricane lamp.

Tom Collins Glasses are ideal for a variety of long cocktails including a Mojito, Long Island Iced Tea, Sea Breeze and of course a Collins cocktail.

Champagne tulips are used to serve champagne cocktails like the Bellini, Kir Royale or a Jacuzzi. So if you have the drink in mind we have the perfect glass, and what’s amazing is that we will send it directly to your door with dependable cash on delivery option.