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The element that separates a good dinner service from a great one is the dinnerware. Do not underestimate the power of that soup bowl or dessert plate on making or breaking the entire experience of the meal prepared by you, since a simple swap in colour or shape can make a world of difference. The kind of crockery you choose to present your culinary creations in can either make them look irresistibly appetising or simply blah.

At urbandazzle, we house a fine array of dinnerware products that will not only entice at sight, but also make for a service that engages the senses. Choose from a range of well-known domestic and international brands such as Luminarc, Valentino, Walther and Devnow for a meal that only adds to the revelry.

For the baking enthusiast in you, we house a variety of ramekin dishes that are so classy that you can simply pop them out of the oven and place them on the dinner table, without giving it a second thought. While some of our dessert plates come adorned with interesting patterns, so that even the most boring of vanilla ice creams look exquisite without having to put in an effort, and there are others that have been kept plain, so that they do not take the thunder away from your exquisite edible art.

Mix n’ match crockery from our range of rice plates, soup bowls, and multi-purpose bowls, or simply leave it to the experts such as Valentino and Luminarc to put together an entire dinner set that can easily cater to a gathering of six on average. In either case, you can be assured of the finest of dinner sets to be delivered to your doorstep at no extra shipping cost.