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Bring home the essence of a land that has been known for its mysticism, beauty and culture. Take a peek into the soul of this magical land, as you browse through our selection of statues from India that will adorn your living space for years to come with their efficient, polyresin structure. Fine reminders of the glory of India, each of these fine figurines promise to add a sense of belonging to your abode.

Whether it is the soothing touch of a meditating Buddha, or the exquisite beauty of the peacock, you can find a wide variety of statues from India in our collection that will take you back to your roots, no matter where you decide to take up residence. Bring home the divine love of Radha and Krishna, or ring in prosperity with the Laxmi Ganesha set. Lord Shiva takes seat in an acrylic lamp to watch over your family, while the laughing Buddha rings in the good times. Gift the playfulness of Krishna the Maakhanchor or the Buddha potpourri bowl to spread fragrance in your loved one’s life and soul.

Besides our serene selection of religious figurines, you can also bring home an element of India with fine pieces from our contemporary and classic collections. Take a pick from the inspiring notes of the musician playing the dholak, or the majesty of the Indian elephant in resin glass. And, if grandeur forms an integral part of your personal style statement, then the mystic Buddha water fountain or the wall fountain Shiva relief will make the ideal choice for you.

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