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Cotton Gift

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With the ambition to augment the harmony of every living space, Cotton Gift is your home grown brand that produces statues, figurines and much more to adorn your abode with grace and panache. Catering to a wide range of Indian sentiments, Cotton Gift offers home decor solutions for everyone, from the deeply spiritual to the eccentrically artistic. At urbandazzle, you will find a fine collection of masterpieces that not only help reinforce your faith in your particular belief system, but also life as a whole. All the home decor items offered by Cotton Gift have been designed by German and Italian experts, who have been instructed on the nuances of the Indian lifestyle and sentiment. From mesmerizing modern art fountains to serene Buddha heads, and everything in between, you are sure to find a home decor item befitting of your ambience. With exceptional finesse, each of the figurines and decor items on our collection make for impressive gifts. We understand the dilemma that surrounds the selection of gift items for house warming, weddings, anniversaries, etc. and thus, offer a range that can easily make an impact on the gift recipients, while celebrating their special moments in style. Cotton Gift offers three distinct product lines that are divided on the basis of their appeal, namely religious, contemporary and classic. While the religious range of Cotton Gift figurines offers simple Radha Krishna miniatures to elaborate Lord Ganesha statues in silver, the classic range offers palm-size to life-size celebrations of life and nature. However, the contemporary range has been fashioned to appeal to those who prefer the finer things in life, and love to search for hidden signs and meanings in art.